World Core Curriculum


Framework of Our Global Knowledge

    Point 1 -- Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe
    Point 2 -- Our Place in Time
    Point 3 -- The Family of Humanity
    Point 4 -- The Miracle of Individual Life

"The world will not change and find peace if there is not a new education." -- U Thant, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, a teacher

Our Planetary Home and
Place in the Universe
Our Place in Time

  From the Infinitely Large

  + The Universe, the stars, outer space
  + Our relations with the sun
  + The Earth's physics
  + The atmosphere
  + The biosphere
  + The seas and oceans
  + The polar caps
  + The Earth's land masses
  + The Earth's arable lands
  + The deserts
  + The mountains
  + The Earth's water
  + Plant life
  + Animal life
  + Human life
  + The Earth's energy
  + The Earth's crust and depths

  To the Infinitely Small

  + Microbiology
  + Genetics
  + Chemistry
  + Nuclear physics
  The Past, Present and Future of

  + The Universe

  + The sun

  + The globe

  + The climate

  + The biosphere

  + The family of humanity

      Age composition
      Levels of health
      Standard of living
      World organizations

  + The individual

  + To the cell, genes and atom

"In the sphere of international relations... a sense of greater or shared responsibility is particularly needed. Today, when the world is becoming increasingly interdependent, the dangers of irresponsible behavior have dramatically increased. Unless we realize that now we are part of one big, human family, we cannot hope to bring about peace and happiness." -- The Dalai Lama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

"I dream that all children of the world will be linked together in a common understanding of Mother Earth and all gifts of life." -- Jake Swamp, Chief Mohawk Nation

The Family of Humanity
The Miracle of Individual Life
  Qualitative Characteristics

  + Our levels of nutrition
  + Our levels of health
  + Our standards of life (rich/poor)
  + Our skills and employment
  + Our levels of education
  + Our moral levels
  + Our spiritual levels

  Quantitative Characteristics

  + The total world population and its changes
  + Human geography and migrations
  + Human longevity
  + Races
  + Sexes
  + Children
  + Youth
  + Adults
  + The elderly
  + The handicapped

  Human Groupings

  + The family
  + Human settlements
  + Professions
  + Corporations
  + Institutions
  + Nations
  + Federations
  + Regional organizations
  + Religions
  + Multinational business
  + Transnational networks
  + World organizations
  Good Physical Lives

  + Knowledge and care of the body
  + Teaching to see, to hear, to observe,
to create, to do, to use well all our senses
and physical capabilities vastly extended by
science and technology

  Good Emotional (Sentimental),
Moral Lives

  + Teaching to love
  + Teaching truth, understanding, humility,
liberty, reverence for life, compassion,

  Good Mental Lives

  + Knowledge
  + Teaching to question, think, analyze,
synthesize, conclude, communicate
  + Teaching to focus from the infinitely
large to the infinitely small, from the distant
past and present to the future

  Good Spiritual Lives

  + Spiritual exercises of interiority,
meditation prayer, communication with the
universe, eternity and God

"In the final analysis... the main function of education is to make children happy, fulfilled, universal human beings." -- Robert Muller

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